Kinloch House

Kinloch House

Kinloch House is a 19th-century Scottish house that sits in 25 acres outside the Blairgowrie. This country house is surrounded by paddocks and grassy hills with views to the small loch and soft-fruit farms. This Scottish house offers traditional and Scottish country manor. The walls are beautifully painted in rich shades, and the floors are well carpeted and strewn with quality rugs. The rooms are furnished with grandfather clocks, antiques, luxurious fabrics, plump sofas and more.

There are living rooms with open wood fires, leather-covered bookshelves, and tables beautifully adorned with fine porcelain and sculptures. There?s a bar leading to an intimate room for dining laid with fine silver and white tablecloths. A walled-sloping garden provides extra spaces where you can relax on sunny days.

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay at Kinloch House

Kinloch House mainly appeals to everyone who appreciates and enjoy a ?home from home? atmosphere. This is considered a special place to enjoy, unwind and relax while experiencing Scotland?s excellent cuisine and wonderful countryside. This country house is a great example of a traditional house with elegant character and very welcoming atmosphere that combines quality and informality.

No stay in Kinloch House will be complete without the pleasure of tasting good wine and delicious foods. The Kinloch House Hotel lies in the middle of some of the richest agricultural land in Scotland, so you can expect for the highest quality and freshest local ingredients on your table.

With all these amazing descriptions, now is the best time to experience this luxury hotel offering strong character and amazing, incredible comfort at the most stunning and inviting Kinloch House. This country house is worth visiting for many good reasons. One of these is that this hotel exudes wonderful sense of peace that Kinloch House along with its warm and romantic atmosphere can offer.

Kinloch House Airport/Hotel Transfers

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